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Some questions, some answers

Here are our most frequently asked questions

What if I'm not tech-savvy?

The program is designed with all skill levels in mind and will walk you through the basics of AI, gradually building up to more advanced concepts and applications.

How much time should I dedicate daily to "1 Month of AI for Education"?

Aim for a 30-minute daily engagement to explore new AI concepts. Consistency is key, it’s all about keeping momentum and showing up everyday, even if that’s only for 10-15 mins.

Can I participate if I'm not active on Twitter?

Absolutely! You can document and share your progress on any platform, like LinkedIn or Facebook. Just remember to tag your updates with #1MonthOfAIForEducation to join the community of learners and engage in conversation.

What happens if I skip a day of the program?

No sweat. Life happens. Just try and get back on your horse the following day to maintain consistency. Or follow this motto: "Never miss twice"

How do I share my learning progress each day?

To contribute to the community and feature on our leaderboard, include the day number you're on and use the #1MonthOfAIForEducation hashtag in your updates.

Here's an example format:

"Day 12 of #1MonthOfAIForEducation: Today I learned about natural language processing and its applications in educational technology."

Is there a recommended start date for "1 Month of AI for Education"?

Start any time you're ready! "1 Month Of AI for Education" is self-paced, allowing you to begin when it best fits your schedule.

Is this suitable for team participation?

Yes, our program is designed to be scalable for teams. You We offer consulting services and program design tailored to the needs of entire universities, districts, states, or networks of schools. However, we typically do not cater to individual schools for these services.

Can we get support for custom software development for our organisation?

Absolutely. Our team specializes in custom software development that can support large-scale educational projects, whether they're for a university system, school district, or state-wide educational initiatives. Contact us.

How can we track the progress and impact of AI implementation across our network?

Our consulting services include setting up analytics and progress tracking systems. These systems are designed to monitor the implementation and impact of AI within your educational network, providing insights into areas of success and opportunities for further improvement.